History of Local 272

Local 272 was chartered on January 29, 1919 in Miami, FL.  Although reinforcing steel was the mainstay of our local for many years, LU 272 is a mixed local, working rebar, structural steel, ornamental (windows) and precast.  In recent years, the majority of our work hours have shifted to include more windows and precast, though all aspects of the trade are still practiced.

We have worked on many large projects including the Orange Bowl, Joe Robbie Stadium, the Miami Arena, the American Airlines Arena, the Panther Arena and more recently the Marlins Stadium.  We supply skilled men and women to the Turkey Point Nuclear Facility, both Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports, the Tarmac, Cemex, and Continental Mines, as well as the Port of Miami and Port Everglades.

Local 272’s Apprenticeship Program is a four year program which includes a year each of Rebar, Structural Steel, Ornamental (windows) and Welding.  All safety training is provided to the apprentices, as well as journeymen who need to update their skills and certifications.  We have won several District Council competitions.  In 2008, our apprentice won 2nd place in the International Competition and in 2010, we were fortunate to take 1st place.  

Training is our number one focus to help our men and women stay on the cutting edge of the trade and to help our contractors be competitive in their bids to get jobs and make money.  Most importantly, training is our number one to keep everyone safe on and off the job-sites and around clients as well as working around co-workers.  We want everyone to get home safely every-night.