Training Center

Iron Workers Local 272 Training Center
1201 NE 7th Ave.  Fort Lauderdale, FL  33304

Training is offered for both Journeymen who want to upgrade their skills and/or their certifications.  Also, for those wishing to enter the Iron-working Trade.  Local 272 offers a four year apprenticeship program.  

Journeymen upgrade for welding is scheduled weekly on Monday mornings from 8am to 12pm and on Thursday evenings from 4pm to 8pm.  Members are required to bring their own tools (I.E. welding hood, chipping hammer, wire brush and safety clothing with boots).  Certification tests are generally scheduled monthly on a Thursday evening.  To be eligible for a certification test, you must pass a visual pretest administered by one of our instructors.  Once the individual has successfully passed the pretest, he/she will be informed when the next test will be scheduled. 

Safety classes are scheduled based on need of either contractors or members.  All safety classes are scheduled during the summer months to allow the apprentices to obtain all their certifications.  Journeymen are welcome to take these courses, also, provided there is enough classroom space.  These classes include OSHA 10, Sub-part R, Scaffold Erection, MSHA, First Aid/CPR, and Foreman’s Training Class.  Schedules for these summer classes are usually posted in May, when the school year for apprentices is coming to an end.  Intermittent classes are scheduled as needed throughout the rest of the year and will be posted as scheduled.

The apprenticeship program is a 4 year program that includes Structural Steel, Reinforcing Steel, Ornamental (windows) and Welding.   School is scheduled in two week blocks.  The apprentice will have a two week block in the first semester and a two week block in the second semester.  Each week of block training will consist of 5 days a week and 10 hours per day.  The student will not be working in the field during school and should plan for this.  Starting Pay is 50% of Journeymen’s pay.  As the apprentice works in the field, his pay will increase automatically.  Apprentices are evaluated regularly both in the field and in the classroom, to determine their continuing eligibility in the program.

Interested in possibly becoming an apprentice?  For more information regarding our apprenticeship program please visit our Apprenticeship Page.